Safe Hockey Gears Your Teen Should Have

Safe Hockey Gears Your Teen Should Have

Hockey is a contact sport. It means that it can be dangerous for the player, especially when they are not using or wearing the right safety gear. If your teen is showing an interest in hockey, it is crucial that you know what Safe Hockey Gears Your Teen Should Have. So if you are looking for what you should buy soon, then here are the must-haves of every hockey player.


This is the number one gear that you should invest in. When playing contact sports like hockey, the head is one of the parts of the body that needs to be as safe as possible. When searching for one online, it should include a full facemask and a protective chin cup with a chin strap. It is very important that the hockey helmet fits perfectly with the players’ head.


Even though the helmet comes with a face mask, the player should still wear a mouthguard. This will help protect the teeth, tongue, cheeks, and lips. It will also provide additional protection against jaw injuries.

Ritual Hockey


Another gear to invest in would be high-quality skates. They should also fit well with the wearer. To ensure safety,  they will be laced tight. This means that wearing the wrong size can hurt the feet. When choosing one, it should offer plenty of ankle support. Skates’ toe cups should be made of steel or hard plastic.

Pads (Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, and Shin)

These are must-haves when playing hockey. You can never find a player playing without the much-needed pads in place. The pads should be specific to hockey because the ones used for other sport will not be able to give the protection that the player needs. Make sure that the knee and shin pads are made of a hard plastic exterior that reaches the top of the skates.


This is another sport-specific item that you should add to your shopping list. Although it should snugly fit and provide enough protection for the hands and wrists, the hockey gloves must also allow movement.

Breezers or Hockey Pants

When choosing the right size of hockey pants, they should reach the knee. It must also have ample padding on the front, rear, and sides of the upper legs and the midsection. It is very important that the breezers fit perfectly to the wearer.

Supporter or Cup

The athletic supporter or cup can be bought separately or as part of the hockey undershorts. It is best that you buy this from your trusted athletic or sporting goods store. Choose one that corresponds to the size of the wearers’ waist measurement.

Ritual Hockey is one of the most popular sport among teens, simply because of the nonstop action and the fast-paced play of the sport. However, you have to remember that as fun as it is, hockey also carries potential risks of injury. To keep your teen as safe as possible, follow these tips above. Make sure that they are ready and have the safety gear that they need.